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Innovation Sprint

Move your team to more ideas and creative solutions. Fast.

Solve a problem

Get your team on board and aligned in a structured process


Compress months of work into a few focused & efficient days.


Get everyone's brain power, collaborate effectively and decide better.

Use Sprints to Step Up Innovation & Enhance Decision Making.

About Innovation Design Sprint

  • Companies that use design strategically grow faster and have higher margins than their competitors. Research found that design-driven companies outperform S&P by 228% !

  • Design thinking sprints help companies leaders enhance their innovation, enhance decision making and expand creativity by using Design Thinking methods.

  • Design Thinking will help Innovation teams and other teams like Digital Transformation, IT, Marketing, Product & Design, and help them improve collaboration and solve challenges faster 

  • ExStrategy are experts in Innovation Sprints and are conducted these sprints worldwide.

Who is this workshop for?

We help Innovation leaders and teams like Digital Transformation, IT, Marketing, Product & Design teams be creative, drive innovation, collaborate better and solve challenges faster. 

Design Thinking Sprint will train you to:

• Improve innovation, product & design processes and decision making 

• Use Design Thinking methods to solve problems faster, together 

• Make the best use of your time, energy and money; resulting in maximum ROI 

• Improve digital transformation processes in the company while understanding your obstacles and how to overcome them 

• Help your teams become better, effectively and professionally 

• Help innovation teams lead the creative and open-minded processes in the company 

• Create better experiences for your employees, users, and customers  


What does the workshop include?

  • We meet your team and learn your work processes and needs.

  • We research your customers, users and employees.

  • Create a challenges analysis document.

  • We select the challenge we want to solve together.

  • Tailor the sprint workshop based on your team and needs.

  • A 2-3-day Innovation workshop based on Google Design Sprint methods. 

  • A Certified Google Sprint Master will walk you through the process and facilitate the workshop.

  • Your final deliverable will be your idea in a MVP prototype validated with usability testing with users.

If required, we can guide your team in process implementation and execution.

In addition to Design Sprint methods, we understand your team and can pass on our Strategy experience acquired through hundreds of projects for companies like Waze, IBM, and Intel.


Your Facilitator

Hi, I'm Adi Mazor Kario, Founder of ExStrategy.

I'm a Senior Design Strategist & Google Certified Sprint Master- I learned Design Thinking and the Google Design Sprint methodology from the "Sprint" book author, Jake Knapp in 2 intensive seminars in Google SF (as you can see in the pic it was fun).
I'm M.Sc. in Cognitive Science, International Speaker, Tech Lover and Owner of Wizard Strategy & Experience.

In the last 4 years I've been using Design Thinking to help you solve business, strategy and product challenges and increase your bottom line, Faster.


I'd love to chat, call me: +972-50-9411174 


Let's make something fantastic together

adim@wizardui.com  |  Tel: +972-509411174