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Voice Design Sprint in London

Create a voice for your brand

Innovate and envision a voice application for your clients!


Solve a problem

Get your team on board and aligned in a structured process



Compress months of work into a few focused & efficient days.


Validate Solution

Test your solution in a voice app prototype with real users.

Voice Design Sprint

4 days of collaboration will resolve a deep understanding of your product voice experience and a prototype to test it.

Why use a Voice Design Sprint? 


Voice User Interfaces (VUI) technology passed the drawing board phase a while ago. More and more devices are out there to support human - machine conversation and people adopting them on a massive scale. To succeed the VUI implantation into business we use Voice Design Sprint.


Google methods for Voice Design Sprint was created and validated by Google with their clients. The Voice Design Sprint is a short collaborative process for answering critical business & voice product questions through design, rapid prototyping, and testing. How will you use voice interfaces to enhance your brand? What will be your voice persona? Who will your clients talk to?

The Voice Design Sprint makes the best use of your time, energy and money; resulting in maximum ROI.


Who is this workshop for?

We help innovation & digital transformation teams collaborate better and create voice experiences for their brand.

How does it work?

The main idea with the Voice Design Sprint is to understand the right use case for your brand and users, build and test a prototype in just five days. It's like fast-forwarding into the future so you can see how customers react before you invest all the time and expense of building a real product.


In this hands-on, fast-paced workshop we will collaborate in small groups and learn how to turn a business idea into a natural, emotion and engaging conversation between a user and an voice application.


Through the workshop we will:

  • Identify the right use case to engage with your clients

  • Decide upon the right solution

  • Build a voice prototype

  • Test with real users & make an impact

What is the exact outcome?

  • We deliver a validated voice prototype, tailored for your customers.

  • Use Design Thinking methods to create a voice for your brand.

  • Answer critical business & product questions through design, prototyping and testing. ​

  • Understand the use cases that are perfect for voice interfaces and their best usage.

  • Use voice design best practices to create the best experience for your users.

  • Design your voice UX.

  • Improve voice product design processes.

  • Create better experiences for your users and customers.

  • Working prototype ready for user research.


Adi Mazor Kario

Adi is a voice design expert, a Google Assistant GDE,  and she believes the voice is the most exciting technology today!

Adi holds M.Sc. in Cognitive Science, International Speaker, Tech Lover and innovation by design expert.

A Senior Design Strategist & Google Certified Sprint Master, VUX Expert, Co-creator of the first Udemy course for Voice Strategy and Design.  She is the owner and CEO of Exstratgey- Experience Strategy

Adi brings vast experience from working years in Isreal- the startup nation, on the most innovative projects and with the most out-of-the-box thinkers in the world. She is guiding established companies in delivering innovative solutions, just like a startup.


Adi is an experienced innovation by design expert. She conducted various innovation workshops worldwide, solving challenges in Product and Business. Adi believes that Strategic Design is a great tool to innovate and create successful, cutting-edge products, faster. 


Daniel Gwerzman

Daniel is a Google Assistant GDE, a techo-strategic consultant, entrepreneur, and a Maker with decades of experience transforming human motivations into technological ventures and then implementing and leveraging them into success stories.

“My goal in life is to bridge between technology and humans.”

Let's make something brilliant together   |  Tel: +972-509411174

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